About Us

Racketeers are an alternative rock band from Berlin, founded at the end of 2018. The band consists of the friends Lukas (vocals & guitar), Alex (bass), Lukas (drums) & Simon (lead guitar).
Performing their first gig in 2019, they finished second of almost 100 bands at Bergfunk band contest. In the same year Racketeers played at Blank It Festival, sharing the stage with artists like MIA., Mc Fitti & Tonbandgerät.
In early 2020 their debut EP “Dark Insight” was released on all major sales and streaming platforms.
Racketeers play classic alternative rock with influences from Indie and Stoner. Their songs tell stories from everyday life and as anyone can experience them, whether it is about love, friendship or the fear of failure. They don’t mince matters and also talk about politics and world affairs.
Their inspiration comes from bands like Beatsteaks, Queens Of The Stone Age, Interpol & The Cure.
 Drums, bass and two guitars, that’s all the four Berliners need to present their music on stages all over the world.
Live, Lukas, Alex, Lukas & Simon stand for an energetic show with the aim to have fun and to give the audience a good time.

vocals & rhythm guitar

Lukas Streubel

lead guitar

Simon Kothe

bass guitar

Alexander Ranft


Lukas Schramm